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The Naisula Foundation

The Naisula Foundation and the Naisula Project

Naisula, a female Maasai name meaning “ warrior girl” is the division of the foundation that focuses its energy purely on child education sponsorship and adult small business training initiatives. The children then in to the GA Foundation post rape rescue program are sponsored into school in the Naisula Foundation once rehabilitated as they are only destined to return to the abusers if we do not provide long term care and education.

Once children and women are rehabilitated from sexual violence and assault, the next step is to return the children to school via education sponsors, and intake adult women into our education program for vocational skills and SMB start up. Almost all of the children and women who we receive for emergency care and rehabilitation are almost probably facing to be returned to their abusers. A large majority of women cannot leave the abuser as they have no skills or income due to being mothers most of their adult life and not having the chance to be employed or in the work force.

The Naisula Foundation provides the children taken into our care with sponsorship for their education, and all children are available to be sponsored on an annual basis. we encourage our children's sponsors to have a genuine relationship with the children , visit them in school and connect on Skype when possible.

Please email admin@naisula.org for further details on child sponsorship.

The Naisula Project is the program that provides adult victims of violence with the tools, skills and education required to start a small business. The aim of this initiative is to make women employable in their communities, or be able to earn their own income so that the dependency on the abuser is dissolved.

Skills that will be taught are cooking, sewing, hair dressing textiles and good manufacturing, clothing and jewelry.

Goods that are produced at the Naisula Project will also be made available online for sale, with 20 % of funds from each sale given back to the Project to support supplies wedded for the training and manufacturing, and the balance of each sale will be given to the trainee whom produced the goods. Not only will the courses provide training and confidence, but they will give back to the project to assist with sustainability and the funds profited from each woman’s sale will be theirs to keep and receive as a bulk sum when they take the next step and leave the program to start their own small business.

To see products produced with textiles and goods sourced from ethical sources, intentionally located from local owned and operated small businesses to help support those whom need our income the most. Our Naisula Project goods are available to purchase, please browse the Naisula Project online store here :    (store coming soon)

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