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PAEDIATRIC and PUBLIC HEALTH with De la Reux Medical

The next Organisation  is the medical projects and initiatives. Covering a large spectrum of the industry, the medical arm of the GA Foundation, De la Reux Medical, will focus firstly on conferences to welcome international specialists for  a range of conferences including case studies with clinical observation, and provide interested professionals with medium to long-term mentorship programs that link up with local rural hospitals in order to nurture regional staff in dire need of motivation and learning. My Financial Services and Marketing career provides me with the experience needed for these events, and I am planning my first of many conferences to start late 2019.

Lastly a medical volunteer program for those with only the ability for a short-term placement. In the future, the medical initiatives will expand and grow to include medical clinics and hospitals, with the hospitals also operating as teaching facilities and education centres that offer no-cost degrees and training to local students.


Join our inner circle of lifesavers and pay for paediatric medical care for a infant or child in a deprived, rural hospital.



Paediatric Medical Sponsorship

Become a monthly medical sponsor for children who cannot receive lifesaving surgery, inpatient care and pharmaceuticals without your support.

Nothing is free in Africa, and especially not in Kenya. Everyone in this country pays for medical care PRIOR to admission , surgery or consultation – it and if you don’t, you are tuned away.

Children die and suffer long term disease due being declined this basic right to health care. They suffer greatly in this part of the world due to no public health system, nor does the government provide Health care as a basic human right to its country, according for them, it is a privilege. Join our circle of lifesavers and pay for a child’s much needed medical care and follow up support.