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Our Mission


    • • Create a significantly greater awareness about the epidemic of child sexual abuse in Kenya, and across the globe.
    • • Promote conversations about this issue, as opposed to continue to live in societies that treat the topic of child sexual abuse as taboo.
    • • Increase the societal awareness as to the extent of this issue, which in turn will create change, legislative reform and harsher punishments for perpetrators.
    • • Construct multiple rescue centres throughout Kenya and East Africa for the countless children in need of safely, shelter, and access to education.Additionally, we give children who have suffered rape, sexual abuse and extreme violence the best second chance possible.

Our team provide around the clock care to victims, male and female as young as newborns.

Our experience allows Genevieve to implement extensive, long term physical and psychological therapies to each and every child. The program each child is put on is specifically tailored to each child’s case, their coping level and age, ensuring they reach optimum levels of behavior all functioning and life skills.

We provide private surgical, medical and psychiatric care, and private schooling from nursery school to last year of high school for each child. We additionally have dedicated in house tutoring, cooks, the latest technologies, and constant sporting events and activities to assist with the children’ s development and recovery.

Our second arm of the Foundation is the Naisula Project, which provides educational sponsorship to each child after rehabilitation so that they are supported until the end of high school.

No expense is spared, Genevieve and the team are dedicated to ensuring these deprived children not only recover, but have the support and tools to give them the best futures possible. We strictly only employ staff that have a hands on impact to the children’s wellbeing. We absolutely do not waste money on administrative costs, nor do our chief staff receive salaries greater than the minimum wage. Donor funds should go to the exact cause they are being donated for.

By December 2017 the Foundation had rescued, rehabilitated and placed into private schools 116 children. Additionally we have supported another 108 children throughout all Christmas and back to school periods since 2015. As some of our children can be rehoused with relatives or other care givers, we also assist children short term who are in need of critical medical and psychiatric post rape care, while non threatening relatives / caregivers can be located.


In 2018 the construction of our own properties, including a school and dedicated boys home are due to commence.



  1. GA Foundation :
    Commenced 2014. Child rescue, post rape care and rehabilitation.
  2. The Naisula Foundation / the Naisula Project:
    Commenced 2015. Long term Education program for children and small business set up for adult women suffering domestic violence.
  3. De la Reux Medical:
    Phase one commencing in  2018:  Medical clinics, hospitals, tertiary education centre and our international medical and healthcare volunteers program.


Ms. Agnes Pareyio

Founder of Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative – Narok County
(TNI) is a community-based organization in the Southern Rift Valley, Narok District of Kenya, founded by Agnes Pareyio in September 1999. TNI works within the Maasai culture and surrounding community to eradicate the practices of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early childhood marriages by educating girls and their families. In the Maasai culture, the practice of FGM is deeply entwined with the cultural traditions. Many families see it as a necessary rite of passage for a girl to become a woman. Agnes also is the founder and owner of her very own private boarding school which educates both girls from TNI and the GA Foundation.