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Director  (Friends of Kenya)


I was born in 1987 in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the countryside of New South Wales. My home environment and necessity to leave the destruction and abuse in the ‘family home’ resulted in me to leave at 11 years old, and gaining employment and a home with my Dressage trainer. I lived in any other home but the family home since that date, being November 1999., and i have paid for every expense of my own. including my horses and travel since this date. After growing up in an extremely neglectful, and violently abusive home, including sexual assault, I had to leave, horses had to stay in my life so I did not end up like many others who have been in my childhood situation and become addicted to drugs and prostitutes to deal with the aftermath of the sexual abuse and trauma.

Over the course of the last 20 years, I have become a Grand Prix trained Dressage rider, an Olympic level groom, and lived in Germany for over a year where I was under the care of Holga Finken, and my long-term coach Herr Bimbo Peilicke. My childhood trauma and realisation of the extent of the abuse I suffered in my childhood developed into severe eating disorders when I was at Stall Finken. When i was was 21 years old, 5”8 and weighed 34kgs.

I left Germany at 20 years old, and after many years back in Australia, found the truly appropriate psychiatrist. I had unfortunately got to the point where the Anorexia and Bulimia resulted in multiple heart failures. My last heart attack was when I was 23.

Somehow, and I still do not know how I overcame this and entered the corporate world. I had studied half of a Law and Economics degree at a western Sydney university during my illness. When I recovered I knew my destiny was to be a doctor. I immediately went into Media and advertising, and shortly after my entry-level job I had two financial services diplomas that I fast-tracked online, and entered financial services/marketing.

Over the next 16 months, I completed everything but two Psychological Science subjects that were the requirement to complete the degree (I did 19 subjects in 14 months, 365 days a year while working full time and starting my Charitable work).

I am still two subjects away from the psychology degree completion with Swinburne University in Australia, and they will be completed and I will graduate in 2019. I had to pause the last few subjects since my relocation.

My experience in the corporate world in is the B2B - Or business to business marketing and sales space. I am an expert in Superannuation, SMSF, marketing, product launches, digital and print marketing, events, conferences, and sales.

I gave up my Dressage horses, a Sydney beach life and an income well over $160,000 AUD per year to live in the slums of Kenya and save raped children. Please see the financials section of this report to see my monetary investment into my own work. Despite sitting the GAMSAT and passing the exam, I declined Post Graduate Medical School in Australia, and I relocated permanently to Kenya in March 2017.

One day soon I will restart my professional career and graduate as a doctor, and then start my list of fellowships. OB-GYN, Paeds and Tropical medicine, and Psychiatry are my preferences at this stage.