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GA Foundation

Providing violently abused children a second chance; we have given over 152 children who have been victims of sex trafficking, rape and child marriage emergency rescue services, expert medical care, long-term safe housing,  rehabilitation, and provide them all with permanent education under the Naisula Foundation, which was the second organisation opened by GA.

The GA Foundation mission is to rehabilitate and provide long-term support to sexually abused children so that they can have an optimal recovery and minimize the effects of their abuse impacting the current, next and future generations.

Unlike other Not for Profits, GA Foundation and all our other organsiations and projects are relentless in ensuring our donors funds go directly to the source. We strictly operate with staff that have a daily front line impact on our children while working  across multiple roles.

First registered in Kenya in January 2015 our Founder, Genevieve has personally been involved in the rescue, emergency medical care and long-term education of 152 children, and an additional 140 + children short term. Through the help of donors Genevieve has been able to ensure basic safety and medical treatments to violently assaulted children. Genevieve has officially opened an intensive rehabilitation house in Runda, Nairobi. This property provides emergency care and post-hospital discharge treatment to children ages 0 – 18 who have been rescued from sex trafficking, rape, child prostitution, child marriage, and female genital mutilation.

This facility is extremely secure and is registered to operate as a Community Based Organisation

(CBO) The house also her own residence, where she and the team will provide around the clock support during the immediate time and long-term aftermath of each child’s violent assault.


The situation some Kenyan children live with each day is absolutely dire. Countless children are going untreated for serious injuries from sexual assault. The Foundation currently reports we have direct access to 114 children who have been raped and violently assaulted and are without medical care or a chance of being removed from their abusive environment.

Children can be given a basic medical care in the public system, however, they are discharged the same day, or at most one day after major reconstructive surgery. They are sent back to abusers, or to children’s homes, all of these except several out of thousands are profiting from the children’s injuries to attract western donor sympathy and money. These assaulted children are going without sanitisation, running water, a flushing toilet, wound care, a mattress to sleep on, or any therapeutic intervention. This is creating a vicious cycle where abused children grow up to be abusers themselves. Genevieve moved to Kenya permanently in early 2017 to break this cycle and keep a closer watch of the operations first hand.


The Genevieve Association Company registration number:  101281

CBO registration Number ( GA) : 322 94

The Angela Project / The Naisula Project CBO registration number: 343 99