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De La Reux Medical

The third division of the Foundation is the medical projects and initiatives. Covering a large spectrum of the industry, the medical arm of the GA Foundation, de la Reux Medical, will focus firstly on conferences to welcome international specialists for  a range on conferences including case studies with clinical observation, and provide interested professionals with medium to long term mentorship programs that link up with local rural hospitals in order to nurture regional staff in dire need of motivation and learning. Lastly a medical volunteer program for those with only a the ability for a short term placement. In the future the medical initiatives will expand and grow to include medical clinics and hospitals, with the hospitals also operating as teaching facilities and eduction centres that offer no cost degrees and training to local students.


All income after costs that is generated from conferences,and the small admin fees for arranging placements for mentors and volunteers, is pledged directly back into the GA Foundation in order to pay for our skelaton staff and crucial operational admin and technology. This not only helps with income to sustain rescue operations and post rape care under GA, but also ensures every donation made directly to GA Foundation is channeled directly to the beneficiaries - the children.