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Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship with our education division : The Naisula Foundation

We are 100% tax deductible through our eight registered charitable organizations in Australian and Kenya.

As of January 2019, the foundation has sent back to school over 300 children.

The cost per child is averaged to be $1572 per child, per year. A child can be sponsored at any time throughout the year, we do not need to wait for the new year or financial years to commence.

Child sponsorship includes:

PRIVATE School fees for an entire year, uniforms, sporting goods, all, school equipment, text books, shoes and constant private one on one tutoring every weekday of the school holidays. The children also participate in after school sports, hobbies, and art.

As the children have not received consistant or any education when they arrive into our care, we make sure we can provide the best support and dedicated education program to them.

Private schools are our only form of schooling for the children in our care, as they are immune to week to month long teacher strikes in government schools, they have small classes unlike the common class sizes that exceed 150 children in the public systems. Additionally, the private schools are 100% English speaking, with the exception of Kiswahili language class.

It has been our long term experience that physical abuse is very common in the public system, despite being illegal.

These are real kids who someone can sponsor until the end of high school, visit them, talk to them on skype and send them things. I’m no UNICEF, I am changing the model and making sure people donate directly to the source and engage with the kids they help.

Every child to date has gone from the bottom of their class, to no lower than position 11 out of a maximum of 30 students in the private schools they attend.

Be part of the 100% success rate we have, and sponsor a child today.

Child Education Sponsorship


We accept bank transfer, and payments via all cards and currencies on Paypal.

Paediatric Medical Sponsorship

Become a monthly medical sponsor for children who cannot receive lifesaving surgery, inpatient care, and pharmaceuticals without your support.

Nothing is free in Africa, and especially not in Kenya. Everyone in this country pays for medical care PRIOR to admission, surgery or consultation - it and if you don’t, you are tuned away.

Children die and suffer long term disease due being declined this basic right to health care.
They suffer greatly in this part of the world due to no public health system, nor does the government provide Health care as a basic human right to its country, according for them, it is a privilege.

Join our circle of lifesavers and pay for a child’s much needed medical care and follow up support.

See what child sponsorship can do here.