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Child advocacy with GA foundation

History of the Foundation

I am a young Australian born woman who has left the corporate career and first world comforts to fight child sexual abuse full time on the front line in Kenya, I decided to emigrate to Kenya after grossly inadequate judicial decisions and political correctness across Australia disarmed my ability to advocate and seek justice for sexually abused Australians. I was raised in the Southern Highlands of NSW, and as a victim of violent abuse throughout childhood, this is a cause very close to my heart. It also has given me an extremely high tolerance for abuse and witnessing it, which has led me to handle the most violent cases in the Republic of Kenya.

I have been working and supporting myself completely since I was 11 years old. I have a lengthy CV starting with a stable hand and  dressage groom, through to restaurant manager and trained Sommelier, to my corporate career in media, advertising, financial services, sales, and marketing consultancy. I have received several award nominations, including Australian of the year 2017, In May 2017 I was nominated for the Young Global Leader Award, class of 2018, and again in 2019.

I have permanently relocated to Kenya so that I can urgently launch further child protection projects and charitable organisations.

GA Foundation has been operating in Kenya since January 2015 by providing emergency medical and psychiatric care specifically to raped, sex trafficked and violently abused children. We provide long-term sponsorship and care to rehabilitate children who have suffered horrendous trauma so they can overcome their experiences and excel.

Our proven rehabilitation program includes local teams specialising in child rescue and advocacy. In February 2019 the GA Foundation team had successfully rescued, rehabilitated and proceeded to educate 303 children across Kenya since the commencement of our work .

The youngest raped child we have provided services to has been two weeks old, and the oldest 16 years, with children in our care being both male and female.

2019 welcomed the fifth year of the Foundation, a locally registered CBOs and Not for Profit Companies, in the Republic of Kenya respectively.


We have a 100% success rate in all our efforts of ending child abuse.

Join our inner circle of lifesavers.




Paediatric Medical Sponsorship

Become a monthly medical sponsor for children who cannot receive lifesaving surgery, inpatient care and pharmaceuticals without your support.

Nothing is free in Africa, and especially not in Kenya. Everyone in this country pays for medical care PRIOR to admission , surgery or consultation – it and if you don’t, you are tuned away.

Children die and suffer long term disease due being declined this basic right to health care.
They suffer greatly in this part of the world due to no public health system, nor does the government provide Health care as a basic human right to its country, according for them, it is a privilege.

Join our circle of lifesavers and pay for a child’s much needed medical care and follow up support.