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A big plate of food makes everyone happy.

Safari Fun

***Little Albert you have your jeans on the wrong way around. AGAIN** #laughs

we desperately needed this…

Off to our first EVER safari. After all the trauma of the last few months we desperately needed this. Thank you Asad for donating us rooms at your camp. Xx

One at a time…

Saddening that I’ve been told by countless locals that never have vulnerable children had this opportunity you and all our donors are giving them. One at a time I’ll change that just as I moved here to ensure. Deprived kids absolutely do not deserve a life and future of even more deprivation just because of what someone else did to them.
Never stopping 👊🏾 their futures are fantastic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Strength Hope Protection

The GA Foundation is dedicated to helping children like these…bright, beautiful souls who’s strength and determination have brought them through tremendous pain and suffering.