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Case Studies

A little support and TLC goes a long way.


(2017) 11 year old boy. Weighing 19.38kgs Morris was referred to the Foundation in July 2017. He is from the western region of rural Kenya, from a very poor background as all our children admitted into our program are. Morris was starving to near death, abandoned by his mother as a five year old along with his two younger siblings. Son to an alcoholic and drug addicted father, Morris was forced to walk over 14kms a day to beg for food for his father and siblings, and to carry heavy buckets of water back to his village. Morris was lured into a home on one of his journeys, undoubtedly preyed upon and stalked by a paedophile.
This “man” lured Morris into his home with the promise of lots of food, and treatment for his extreme suffering to jiggers (flesh eating mites that bury deep into the skin on the limbs). This person held Morris captive for over two weeks and brutally raped him. Morris was able to somehow flee and return to his very elderly grandmother, who worked around the clock to get her grandson medical help and funds. 42 hours after he returned, more dehydrated than usual and bleeding from his anus, a local social worker was put in touch with me through the Foundations’ in house Psychologist. Morris was immediately transported with his grandmother and social worker for over 11 hours directly to Nairobi where he underwent extensive surgical reconstruction and rehabilitation. Within two months of being in our care, Morris defied the odds and was able to gain 9.71 kgs and become a strong young figure in the house. He is he young man the other children aspire to be.

Morris has had intensive psychiatric care with the top doctors in Nairobi, and private tutoring with other critically injured children. Morris has performed exceptionally with his private schooling, and is enrolled to commence full time classes in school in January 3rd, 2018. His weight as at November 26th 2017 is 35.89kgs. Almost double what he was. He has a love of animals and is very attached to our therapy dog, Allegra who helped him through severe trauma and adjustments as she does for each and every child. He also loves football, dancing and comedy. Morris has a personality to captivate everyone around him.

Anne :

(2015) 4 year old girl, raped. Her rehabilitation has to date included three reconstructive surgeries and after 14 months she was able to sit, stand and walk. Anne was raised in a wealthy family by parents who have stated in the ongoing criminal proceedings that they were sexually assaulted and neglected as children. Anne's physical and emotional recovery has been incredibly long and will remain so until she no longer has to attend court dates. She is an active child engaging with others and commenced Kindergarten in January 2017. Anne attends weekly group therapy for sexually abused children and private psychiatric appointments.


(2016) 13 year old sex trafficking victim, rescued after six years of captivity due to being sold by a guardian. Josie needed emergency and long term medical intervention.She underwent a double mastectomy, with a benign tumourexceeding 3.17kgs in one breast alone. She additionally had a cervical reconstruction, skin grafts and HIV management.Josie spent 11 months undergoing inpatient treatment and requested to commence school part time upon returning fromher final surgery. She has excelled in her recovery and is performing at the top of her grade in boarding school. She received therapy weekly and check ups with her physician and psychiatrist in school holidays. She dream is to become a Human Rights Lawyer.


(2015) 3 year old raped boy, suffered traumatic brain injury from long term beatings, and third degree burns to 72% after being set on fire with petrol by his step father.Brandon required over 10 months in the burns unit after his surgical repairs from the rape. CT scans and constant appointments with his Neurosurgeon have monitored the TBI closely. He was given the all clear in February 2017 and will not require neurosurgery. He takes anti convulsants for his seizure disorder, but is however an extremely generous and kind child who loves football. Socially he is a favourite of all the children and team, and commenced kindergarten school mid 2016. His recovery has been outstanding and he has a solid future ahead.


(2014) 11 year old abandoned child, gang raped while searching for food for her and her young sister in the slum. Jane gave birth via emergency C section and had severe difficulties bonding with her baby. This emotional scarring was not well received culturally which caused her even more significant distress. Jane stayed with her baby for five months and then the Foundation agreed it was best for her to commence school and have the baby cared for in an infants children's home in the school term. Jane received intestine therapy and is regularly seen by a psychologist privately. The school is oblivious to her rape and her child which is in the best interest for her acceptance into school and her future. She is a quiet student, with a passion for music and is consistently top of her grade. Jane wishes to become a professional ballet dancer.

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