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About Us

GA Foundation has been operating in Kenya since January 2015 by providing emergency medical and psychiatric care specifically to raped, sex trafficked and violently abused children. We provide long term sponsorship and care to rehabilitate children who have suffered horrendous trauma so they can overcome their experiences and excel.

Our proven rehabilitation program includes local teams specialising in child rescue and advocacy. In November 2017 the GA Foundation team had successfully rescued, rehabilitated and proceeded to educate 116 children across Kenya. The youngest raped child we have provided services to has been four months old, and the oldest 16 years, with children in our care being both male and female. Our Founder Genevieve resides permanently in Kenya and has elected to study Post Graduate Medicine in Nairobi which will enable an increase in the number of children the GA Foundation team can save.

2018 welcomes the fourth year of the Foundation, a locally registered CBO and NGO, operating in Kiambu County and the Republic of  Kenya respectively. GA Foundation was first registered in Australia in March 2015, and was granted DGR (tax deductible status) by the Australian Taxation Office as of June 10th,  2015.

Our upcoming projects include the registration of a further Community Based Projects in Kenya, such as The Naisula Project and De la Reux Medical. Details on these education and medical initiatives can be found on the website menu.

For further registration information, governing documents, policies or our latest executive summary, please see the documents section of the website.


The Team

Australia Trustees:          John Andrew Murtagh and Tracy Esterhuyzen

Kenya Trustees:              Anne Corcoran and Corrina Schoenfeld

UK Trustees:                  John Anthony Stokes and John Andrew Murtagh

Germany Trustees:

USA Trustees:

Honorary Patrons:      Dr. Angela Rose, Dr. Henry Stenning, Prof. Lisa Obimbo, Dr. Stephen Mustio Dr. Emma Maggs

Mr. David Shoebridge, Ms. Moira Kelly, Ms. Celine Benoit, Ms Katie Moubarak, Mr. Nicholas Butta, Ms Amanda Lewer, Mr Sharamo Adan


Ms. Agnes Pareyio

Founder of  Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative – Narok County

(TNI) is a community-based organization in the Southern Rift Valley, Narok District of Kenya, founded by Agnes Pareyio in September 1999. TNI works within the Maasai culture and surrounding community to eradicate the practices of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early childhood marriages by educating girls and their families. In the Maasai culture, the practice of FGM is deeply entwined with the cultural traditions. Many families see it as a necessary rite of passage for a girl to become a woman. Agnes also is the founder and owner of her very own private boarding school which educates both girls from TNI and the GA Foundation.

Genevieve’s Vision:

GA Foundation:     Child rescue, emergency care and post rape rehabilitation

The Naisula Project:      Long term nursery, primary and secondary schooling for    the deprived children we rescue. Additionally this project will expand to allow domestic violence victims with vocational skills and provide small business set up for endangered women. For more information on The Naisula Project, please click here

De la Reux Medical:      Medical projects and clinics, Commencing late 2018

Next Steps...

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